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Cork Yoga Blocks v Foam Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are used most commonly in challenging balancing asanas, such as arm balances. One can get into challenging poses safely with proper alignment even if tight hamstrings and/or shoulders are present.

Before the birth of cork yoga blocks, the foam blocks are the only available option in the market. They are soft, of feather-light weight and cheap – which means that you inevitably have to face tipping a flimsy yoga block over when you put weight on it. With the reinvention, you can now do away with distractions and focus on your alignments.

Cork yoga blocks and foam yoga blocks are two commonly used yoga blocks in yoga. The golden question: which is the right yoga block for me


Cork yoga blocks are better for support and alignment, if one is looking to deepen your practice.

Here's Why

#1 Excellent Durability

Unlike the foam yoga blocks that give way easily when you put pressure on it, the cork yoga blocks isn’t going to lose its shape under pressure, or get scratches and dents that even you aren’t aware of. It’s just a solid base of high density that you can rely your body weight on, with a great peace of mind.

#2 Comfortable Weight

If you’re not looking to travel around with a cork yoga block, for its high density, I must say the weight is just right. Heavier than foam blocks definitely, but more sturdy and has the added stability I’m looking for as a supporting tool – it’s not even wobbly at all!

#3 One Color Fits All

Get that million-dollar question – What color should I get? – out of the way when you’re shopping! Cork just matches everything.



Invest in a cork block.


As counter-intuitive as it sounds, you become less reliant on your arms for additional balance because you do not have to grip as hard (as you did when using a foam yoga block) to keep the cork yoga block from moving – it stands well on its own.


With a cork yoga block, you learn to engage your core and work the correct muscle groups to keep your balance in the challenging asanas.

Cork yoga blocks have the ability to withstand wear, are less flimsy, and have a much longer life span. They are your best bet to getting better alignments of poses, and it’s definitely worth the extra cost.

Stay grateful, generous and genuine.



Yogi and guest writer at Vivre Active

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