- Properties: High-Density Cushion, Latex Free, Superior Grip, Extremely Durable

- Weight: approximately 2600 grams

- Measurement: 62cm x 183cm x 5mm thick

- Care instructions: Wipe your mat with a damp cloth or mild soapy water after use. Allow plenty of time to air dry before storage.

- Recommended for yoga practices of all levels, high intensity workouts with or without shoes.

*Yoga mat strap/bag is not included

Elite Heavy Duty Yoga Mat - Classic Black

SKU: ehdmb
Color (Accessories): Classic Black
  • Comfort: Made using a solid piece of high density material, our Elite Heavy Duty Yoga Mat provides a semi cushioned surface that is joint- and spine-friendly for all forms of matwork.

    Excellent Stability: Regardless of the type of flooring, the Elite Heavy Duty Yoga Mat stays firmly planted, all thanks to the stability rendered from its weight.

    Great Durability: As promising as it sounds, the mat is designed to withstand harsh conditions. The result? An extended lifespan.

    Superb Stickiness: Good things are worth the wait. The traction only gets better with time, to create that ideal sticky surface for a personalized practice. We strongly recommend a couple of use to break into a brand new piece.