– Product Dimensions: 183cm long

– Weight: 40g

– Strap fitted with adjustable cinch buckle and nickel-plated tip for durability.

– Material: high-quality hypo-allergenic cotton

Power Stretch Strap

Color (Accessories)
  • These straps help you extend your reach, grasp limbs when biding in postures and provide extra comfort and security for you to require tension of a pose without straining. Dual purpose strap supports both static and dynamic stretching. The strap can be used in many Asanas (poses) where the back, arms or legs need to remain in alignment.

    Often there is a temptation to twist or turn the arms or legs, hunch the shoulders or curve the spine. The simple and economical strap will assist you in overcoming these bad habits and ensure that you maintain proper form throughout your routine.