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The chart below is a reference guide on our sizing.

Our materials are stretchable, therefore most of the time if you fall in between sizes, you should be able to fit into both. Your selection will depend on your preference for a tight fit or with some allowance. The fit will also depends on whether the apparel design is tight, slim fit or loose fit as indicated in the product section.

** Radiate High Rise Performance Tights & Aspire High Rise Performance Crop are the only styles that comes in XS/US Size 0. This is due to the high stretchability of their fabric used and waist band design, we strongly recommend customers to size down for these 2 styles for a more fitting feel.


** For example, if you're a size Small/US size 2 in our size chart, then XS /US Size 0 for would be a better fit for you**

For sizing of our Maternity Series, please refer to the reference tables at the bottom of the page.

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